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SceneVision-Panorama System

Q: Does the SceneVision-Panorama System require training?

A: No. The system was designed to be very easy to use. Over 100 systems are in use by law enforcement agencies - without training. Of course, if you have any questions or problems, 3rdTech is happy to help with email or phone support. Also, there is easy-to-understand documentation for how to use the system.

Q: How long does it take to do a 360 panorama? 

A: Typically under 2 minutes to take the 24 photos that make up a panorama. The system has 'click stops' that make it simple and quick to take the right photos.

Q: What resolution are the panoramas produced?

A: About 100 mpixel.

Q: What kind of camera comes with the system? Can we use our own camera instead?

A: The complete SceneVision-Panorama system includes a very high-quality, Nikon Coolpix B500 digital camera or equivalent. It has a fast 1.8, 24mm, wide angle lens and Nikon quality to produce high-resolution panoramas. We have calibrated the system so that the tripod head rotates around the camera's 'no parallax' point, enabling seamless blending of the photos into a panorama.

Almost all of our current customers use this configuration - and use their own, DSLR cameras to take additional close-up photos. In this way, you do not have to occupy your camera with taking the panoramas. And, your close-up photos can easily be hyper-linked to points in the panoramas.

However, you can purchase the system without a camera and choose to use your own. A few of our customers have chosen to do this. It will require about an hour, one time, to find the 'no parallax point' for your camera and lens and adjust the tripod head accordingly. This is described in the system documentation. (If you have additional questions about this, contact us at

Q: Can SceneVision-Panorama software be used with panoramas from other systems?

A: Yes. In general it can be used with 'equirectangular' panoramas.