3rdTech News

June 23, 2005    3rdTech Announces SceneVision-3D Version 3.1

March 29, 2005    3rdTech’s Forensic Products Featured on CBS’ CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

August 25, 2004    ‘SceneVision-3D’ to work with ‘BackTrack’ for 3D Blood Spatter Analysis

August 24, 2004   Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science Acquires DeltaSphere-3000 3D Scene Digitizer

June 14, 2004       3rdTech Creates Photorealistic Computer Graphics Model of
Ackland Art Museum Exhibition

July 28, 2003        3rdTech Demonstrates New Photo-Realistic Models from 3D Scanning at SIGGRAPH 2003

July 7, 2003         3rdTech Announces New Crime Scene Display and Analysis Software

April 25, 2003      3rdTech Announces the NanoManipulator DP-200 for Nanotec Electronica's SPM

April 16, 2003      "Virtual Monticello" Captured with DeltaSphere-3000 3D Scene Digitizer

July 22, 2002       3rdTech Exhibits Virtual Crime Scene at SIGGRAPH 2002

July 22, 2002       3rdTech Announces 4 Sensor Support for HiBall Tracker

March 12, 2002    DeltaSphere 3D Scene Digitizer Demonstrated at Forensic Science Conference

October 30, 2001  Quantapoint Drops Lawsuit Against 3rdTech

August 13, 2001   3rdTech's New DeltaSphere-3000 Software Simplifies Measurement & Model Creation for Large Areas, Objects

July 17, 2001       3rdTech's NanoManipulator DP-100 Chosen as R&D 100 Award Winner

June 13, 2001       NASA-Langley Research Center Purchases NanoManipulator System

May 14, 2001        3rdTech Installs HiBall Tracker System for Japan's Communications Research Laboratory

Dec. 1, 2000         3rdTech's  HiBall-3000 Tracker Chosen for Computer Graphics World Year 2000 Innovation Award

August 17, 2000    3rdTech Announces Visualization and Control System for ThermoMicroscopes Scanning Probe Microscopes

July 25, 2000        Wide-Range 6D Optical Tracker from 3rdTech Opens New Possibilities for Augmented Reality, VR

July 19, 2000        New Portable 3D Scene Digitizer from 3rdTech Sets New Standards for Range and Accuracy

Third Party News

June 30, 2000       ThermoMicroscopes™ Announces Joint Marketing Agreement with 3rdTech for NanoManipulator™ DP-100 Interface to Its Scanning Probe Microscopes 

June 22, 2000       New Companies to Market UNC-CH Technologies 
(from the News Service of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)