3rdTech’s HiBall-3000 Tracker Chosen for Computer Graphics World Year 2000 Innovation Award

Winners “Expand the Boundaries of Visual Computing”

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., December 1, 2000 – 3rdTech Inc., developing products and businesses from leading-edge university research, today announced that its HiBall-3000 Wide Area Tracker has won a Computer Graphics World Year 2000 Innovation Award. Selected from hundreds of new products nominated for the award, the magazine’s winners are chosen based on “demonstrating true innovation by expanding the boundaries of visual computing.” 

The HiBall-3000 is a new optical tracker based on technology first developed by the Department of Computer Science of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It uses a custom sensor composed of six lenses and photodiodes arranged to view arrays of infrared LEDs that mount easily on the supports of standard ‘drop ceilings.’  The LED arrays can cover areas as small as 8x8 feet or greater than 40x40 feet.  The HiBall Tracker’s innovative design and technology break new ground in tracking range, absolute tracking accuracy, and tracking performance. These capabilities make it ideal for virtual and augmented reality, simulation and training, industrial tool and robot tracking, film and video production, and location-based entertainment.

“We’re very pleased to have been selected by Computer Graphics World for this award”, says Nick England, President and CEO of 3rdTech, Inc. “We believe the breakthrough design and performance of the HiBall Tracker will enable both new applications for trackers, and new successes in existing applications.”  

The HiBall-3000 Wide Area Tracker is now shipping. The list price for a complete system starts at approximately $28,000. Full descriptions of the award winning products will appear in the December 2000 issue of Computer Graphics World (See www.cgw.com for more information). Additional information about the HiBall-3000 Wide Area Tracker is available at www.3rdtech.com/HiBall.htm.