3rdTech Announces 4 Sensor Support for 
HiBall Tracker

Model Features New “Dynamic Response Allocation” For Leading Performance

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., July 22, 2002 3rdTech, Inc. today announced a new model of the HiBall Tracker system, the industry’s highest performance 6 degree-of-freedom tracker, which enables tracking of up to 4 HiBall Sensors. Virtual reality systems using the new HiBall-3100 Tracker can track up to four individuals with the greatest accuracy and lowest latency of any tracker system available. The previous model, the HiBall-3000 Tracker, could track only two sensors.

To maintain the highest possible performance that is the HiBall Tracker systems’ trademark, while doubling the number of sensors, 3rdTech engineers implemented new “Dynamic Response Allocation” (DRA) into the system. Instead of simply providing 25% of the resources to each of the 4 sensors, the HiBall-3100 allocates additional resources to those sensors needing it – that is, sensors which are rapidly changing location or orientation. With DRA, systems tracking 4 individuals can achieve update rates of over 500 per second with the same unmatched precision associated with the HiBall-3000. Single-sensor HiBall systems provide up to 2000 updates per second.

“We’ve had many requests to provide tracking of more than two sensors”, said Nick England, President of 3rdTech. “Now systems can track 4 individuals, or two individuals for with head and hand tracking – a frequent request for augmented reality and military simulation.”

The HiBall-3100 Tracker will be available in Fall of this year.