3rdTech Demonstrates New Photo-Realistic Models from 3D Scanning at SIGGRAPH 2003

 The DeltaSphere 3D Scene Digitizer and New Software Tools Target Entertainment Industry

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., July 28, 20033rdTech announced today new software tools for the creation of photo-realistic models of real-world scenes captured with the DeltaSphere-3000 3D Scene Digitizer. The new software, for the first time, combines the high-speed model creation of a 3D laser scanner, with the visual quality needed for film, video and video games.

  The DeltaSphere-3000 has led the industry in producing realistic 3D color models of real-world scenes and objects – quickly and cost-effectively. 3rdTech has taken this development even further combining high-resolution digital photographs as texture maps with scanned geometry. This results in scene models that are often mistaken for actual video of the real-world.

  “We’ve shown very realistic scanned models at the last two SIGGRAPH shows, but we weren’t satisfied”, said Nick England, President of 3rdTech. “We’ve spent the last year focusing on the software tools needed to make a break-through in photo-realistic models of scanned data, and the results are impressive. ”

  The new techniques are designed for creating models that can be used in film and video production, or in the creation of scenes for video games or web sites. Using the DeltaSphere Scene Digitizer and its new software, production companies can save months of modeling time and still produce models of the highest quality. 3rdTech will demonstrate an example of the new high quality scanned model in  booth 3539 at SIGGRAPH 2003. For additional information about the DeltaSphere-3000, see http://www.deltasphere.com.

  Images available upon request.