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SceneVision-3D Functions

Scan data - DeltaSphere, Faro Focus3D, Z+F, Riegl, Polhemus
Image data - TIF, JPG, other standard formats
Model data - VRML models as points, wireframe, shaded, textured
Text, HTML, or any standard format files including audio and video - for annotations
'Drag and Drop' implemented for all supported data types
Multiple scans - to combine into one model
Images with scans - to create high-resolution color models
Produce 3D models from all or parts of one or multiple scans
Intelligent model simplification reduces the data size while maintaining the realism
Model editing functions
Full color or laser intensity
Insert high-resolution textures for 3D close-ups
Draw and Measure
Distances - point to point, point to plane, perpendiculars
Create planes - for measurements and intersections
Angles - plane to plane, plane to line, line to line
Intersections - between planes, lines and planes
Contours - intersect planes with the model
Edges and outlines - create sketches of rooms and objects
Link drawings - so they move as a group
Automatic Wall Wizard - produce a schematic of a room, with measurements, in minutes
Landmark points to highlight locations
Photo 'hot spots' - link photos to locations in the scene
Add labels to any annotation
Save viewpoints as 'bookmarks' for easily returning to a particular view and for creating  'fly throughs'
Create and display viewpoints which correspond to the view of a particular observer at the scene. Show what the observer could see.
Automatically create and display the camera location that corresponds to any photo taken with a 'calibrated' camera.
Blood spatter analysis
Create and display 'paths' through the model
Save a view of any data type (2D or 3D) as an image for use in documents or presentations.
Provide a complete scene, or part of a scene, to anyone for viewing with the free SceneVision-3D Viewer.

SceneVision-3D System Requirements

PC/Laptop with Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Intel Core i3 or later
1 Gb memory (2 Gb - 8 Gb recommended)
3D graphics card by NVIDIA or ATI (call for recommendations)
Large disk space for data storage