Images of 3D models of Etruscan tombs in Falerii, Italy - created from DeltaSphere-3000 scans and SceneVision-3D software. Courtesy of Dr. Lars Nyland, Colorado School of Mines, and Dr. Anselmo Lastra, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 


Researchers from the University of Virginia and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have created a virtual model of Thomas Jefferson’s library using 3rdTech’s DeltaSphere-3000 3D Scene Digitizer. For images of this work, please use the links below.

3rdTech worked with fire forensic experts Dr. John DeHaan and Monty McGill to capture a room before and after a "post-flashover fire" at a training session at Naval Air Station Fallon in Nevada. The images below are computer graphics models of the scene created from single before and after scans.