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SceneVision-3D Visualizations of DeltaSphere 3D Laser Scanner Data

Range Data - Provides a view of every data point in a single 3D laser scan. Distance measurements can be made between any two points.
Color Range Data - The same properties as range data, but with high quality digital photographs providing the color at every point.

Color 3D Models - Produced from one or more color range data files, color 3D models provides the most realistic view of a scanned scene. You can look at the data from any viewpoint, and it provides all the measurement capabilities of range data.

These images show some of SceneVision's 3D model display modes - as a wireframe (triangle mesh), a set of individual points, and a shaded, texture-mapped model with back-facing triangles on in the left image and off in the right image. The two images below show measure lines drawn in the data and with the data not displayed.

SceneVision also provides image and text viewing functions.