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Draw & Measure in SceneVision-3D Software

What can you do with SceneVision?

Identify Landmark Points in a scene.

Draw measure lines between any two points - on the same scan or aligned scans - in 3D.
Draw perpendicular lines between any point and any flat surface in the scene.
Create a viewpoint representing a person at the scene. Interactively demonstrate exactly what was visible from that viewpoint.

Create planes fit to floors, walls, and other flat surfaces.

Overlay a measurement grid.

Create a 'footprint' of a room, complete with measurements of every edge..

Intersect planes to find edges.

Produce room diagrams, ready for export to CAD programs, from scan data.


Plus measure angles, draw outlines, intersect planes with the data to create contour lines, and much more. If you'd like to know if SceneVision can help with your application, send email to info@3rdtech.com or fill out the form at the bottom of the SceneVision product page.