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Hi-Resolution Textures

3rdTech has developed software tools that combine the high-speed model creation of a 3D laser scanner, with the photo-realism required for analysis of the close-up photos taken at crime scenes, for depiction of artwork at a museum, or for models for film, video, and video games. 3rdTech has consistently been the leader in combining high-quality, real-world texture maps with scanned data. Now, these new capabilities enable high-resolution, 'close-up', digital photos to be used as textures with standard scanned geometry. The results are greater realism and the ability to 'zoom in' on scenes with incredible fidelity. It also enables the real-world measurement of objects in the close-up photos

The pairs of images below show three views of a model created with the DeltaSphere-3000 scanner. Each scene is rendered with textures on the left, and as a textured 'wire frame' model on the right. 

You should notice the realistic textures in the couch, chair and floor, and the lighting around the windows and elsewhere. In addition, several parts of the scene - the poster, the painting, and part of the sheet music on the piano, were textured with close-up digital photos correctly transformed and mapped to the geometry. The result is unparalleled realism - even when you zoom in on the painting for a close up look.


The same technique can be used with crime scene data. Now close-up photographs can be added to the geometry of the scene for 3D analysis, measurement, and presentation.