‘SceneVision-3D’ to work with ‘BackTrack’ for 3D Blood Spatter Analysis

 3rdTech’s 3D Crime Scene Visualization and Analysis Software Will Support Forensic Computing of Ottawa’s Sophisticated Blood Spatter Directional Analysis Software

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., August 25, 2004 – 3rdTech announced today the intent to collaborate with Forensic Computing of Ottawa to make SceneVision-3D software and BackTrack software compatible. This collaboration will make it possible to use BackTrack’s blood spatter directional analysis capabilities with SceneVision’s visualization, analysis and presentation functions.

“3rdTech’s 3D scene capture and visualization and BackTrack software are complementary”, said Nick England, President of 3rdTech. “By making the two compatible we’ll be able to provide investigators more complete and powerful tools for crime scene analysis and display.”

“We’re pleased to be working with 3rdTech”, said Dr. Fred Carter, the creator of BackTrack. “We’re looking forward to seeing the results of our blood spatter analysis displayed in 3D within their  captured scene visualizations.”

SceneVision-3D is 3rdTech’s new software designed for crime scene investigators, criminalists, forensic scientists, law enforcement officers, and attorneys. It provides a set of easy-to-use tools for creating 3D models of a crime scene, measuring objects and areas of the scene,  creating measured outlines of rooms and objects, adding annotations and labels to the scene, and even doing blood spatter analysis in the 3D model. It is the software component of the DeltaSphere 3D Scene Digitizer.

The DeltaSphere replaces the tedious work of manually making dozens of measurements at a crime scene by automatically making thousands of measurements per second. It combines these millions of laser measurements with professional-quality, calibrated digital photographs to create accurate, photo-realistic models of real-world scenes.

3rdTech will demonstrate the DeltaSphere and SceneVision in booth 108 at the 89th International Association for Identification Education Conference, August 24-25 in St. Louis.  For additional information about the DeltaSphere-3000, see http://www.deltasphere.com.