3rdTech Announces New Product for Crime Scene Panoramas

 SceneVision™-Panorama Provides Complete Package for Hi-quality Panoramic Walk-throughs
 for Crime Scene Documentation and Courtroom Presentations

Durham, N.C., April 22, 2011 – 3rdTech, Inc., a leading provider of tools for graphical crime scene reconstruction, today announced SceneVision-Panorama – a new software product for creating, annotating, and presenting panoramic walk-throughs of crime scenes. With SceneVision-Panorama, users can produce complete, photographic representations of a crime scene – quickly, easily, and inexpensively –  using photographs from standard digital cameras.

“Creating accurate and compelling 3D panoramas of crime scenes no longer requires expensive, special purpose cameras or lenses”, said Nick England, President of 3rdTech. “High resolution digital cameras and innovative software enable anyone to thoroughly document a crime scene for analysis and professional courtroom presentations.”

SceneVision-Panorama’s Features

·   Display 2D and Spherical Panoramas interactively on standard PCs

·   Link your Panoramas for Crime Scene ‘Walk-throughs’ with simple ‘portal’ markers

·   Animate ‘Walk-throughs’ for automated courtroom presentations – just click and fly through the scene

·   Link Close-up photos, videos, and documents to points in the scene with interactive ‘hot spots’

·   Display camera locations on an ‘active’ scene diagram; shows where you are located and your current view

·   Draw Points and Lines in the photos and panoramas

·   Use Photos from any Digital Camera; high-end DSLRs or inexpensive point-and-shoots

·   Import Panoramas of All Kinds from stitching software, panoramic cameras, or SceneVision™-3D

·   Data processing log records your steps in creating the presentation

With the complete SceneVision-Panorama package you can capture 24 photos for a high-resolution, 100mpixel panorama, in about 4 minutes. Capture an entire crime scene in under half an hour.

SceneVision-Panorama will be available in May. The special introductory price for a complete package including tripod, special panoramic tripod head, camera and complete software is $1,995. Additional information is available at www.deltasphere.com.