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ThermoMicroscopes Announces Joint Marketing Agreement with 3rdTech for NanoManipulator™ DP-100 Interface to Its Scanning Probe Microscopes

The NanoManipulator DP-100 is an interactive visualization and control system that provides force-feedback and 3D visualization of samples during nano-manipulation.

June 30, Sunnyvale, CA —ThermoMicroscopes, a leading manufacturer of scanning probe microscopes (SPM), announces a collaborative marketing agreement with 3rdTech, Inc. and the availability of the NanoManipulator DP-100 on ThermoMicroscopes’ SPMs. 3rdTech of Chapel Hill, NC, is working to turn the most advanced technologies emanating from the Computer Science Department at the University of North Carolina into leading-edge products.

The NanoManipulator DP-100 enhances the power of ThermoMicroscopes™ SPMs by providing real-time visualization of samples during nano-manipulation. Traditional SPMs do not offer dynamic visualization of samples during nano-manipulation.

The NanoManipulator has been extensively used in research since 1992. Studies have included mechanical and electrical properties of carbon nanotubes, the spreading of melting polymers, the rupture strength of DNA, the behavior of optically responsive materials under manipulation, the strength of microtubules, voltage pulses on metals, and many other exciting applications.

The NanoManipulator system uses the industry’s most advanced haptic display device – a SensAble Technologies PHANTOM™ Desktop – to provide continual force feedback for investigating and manipulating samples. Unlike the visual display from an SPM, which cannot update during sample manipulation, the haptic display provides continual feedback on sample topography. This means the user can change the position of the probe, while the SPM maintains quantitative force control, and have precise knowledge of the location of the sample and probe throughout. The system also adds complete session data archiving, which can be used for playback, review, and re-analysis of archived experimental data.

The NanoManipulator will be demonstrated at the August Microscopy & Microanalysis meeting in Philadelphia and the Fall ACS meeting in Washington. Further details may also be found by visiting the 3rdTech web site at, where many references illustrating the technique may be found.

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